Work and the City
Edge Futures

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19 x 14 cm | 7.5 x 9.5 in
96 pages
ISBN 9781906155124

Author Frank Duffy

Proving value and competitive advantage may be a daily struggle for large parts of the UK workforce as the outsourcing of work to where it can be done most cheaply and efficiently gathers pace, in particular to the rapidly growing economies of China and India. The service and creative economies may remain strong, but tourism, manufacturing and traditional white-collar sectors will be increasingly vulnerable.

Edge Futures are a series of five books that explore the impact that climate change will have on different aspects of our lives in the future. They are available to order as individual titles or as a complete set. The Edge is an innovative and creative think-tank, sponsored by building industry professions, that seeks to stimulate public interest in policy questions that affect the built environment and to inform and influence public opinion. Frank Duffy was president of the RIBA.