70 Years of Concrete Quarterly


Artifice books on architecture and The Concrete Centre would like to invite you to the launch of landmark exhibition, 70 Years of Concrete Quarterly and associated book, The World Recast: 70 Buildings from 70 Years of Concrete Quarterly on Thursday, 7th September, from 6.30—8.30pm at The Concrete Centre, 26 Store St, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7BT.

As the modern world rose from the rubble of the Second World War, it was shaped by one material above all others. In 1947, a new magazine honed in on this paradigmatic shift in architecture and design: Concrete Quarterly. Both

70 Years of Concrete Quarterly and The World Recast chart this journey through the stunning photography and eyewitness testimony of Concrete Quarterly’s rich and fascinating archive. They tell the story of heroic architecture, ingenious engineering and how the world we now take for granted came into being.

Plentiful and cheap, but also bold and undeniably modern, concrete suited the spirit of the post-war period perfectly. It was the obvious means of building the power stations, motorways and factories that would be the engines of economic recovery, and made possible a new era in architecture and design. But it was also the choice of a generation of designers keen to express themselves through radically new architectural forms and types of structure. 

On the night we will be celebrating and discussing the significance of concrete within modernism and other architectural movements, as well as expanding the conversation into the present day, offering crucial insight into concrete’s comeback within today’s architecture, as well as its recent popularity in contemporary culture at large.

The event will be free, but booking is essential. To book, follow the instructions here

Copies of The World Recast will be available for purchase on the night.