Six Architectural Projects by Michael Green

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28 x 23 cm | 11 x 9 in
147 ills | 192 pages
ISBN 9781908967756

Author Michael Green

Michael Green’s work focuses on new timber technologies at all scales, from art installations to the world’s tallest wood buildings. The MG.6 projects selected, demonstrate how wood and new wood products adapt to unique environments and shape an architecture focused on human experience and happiness, in stride with environmental performance. Each MG.6 project offers a unique story of Green’s process of engaging context and meaning through the accounts of clients, inhabitants, and communities. Green believes that adventure is the single unifying characteristic of his firm and his work. Green’s adventures exploring new ideas and places around the globe in return bring an adventurous form of architectural innovation, one that exists not to create unique shapes and forms of buildings but instead to create a lasting positive impact on man and the planet. Culminating in the Wood Innovation and Design Centre, the world’s current tallest wood building, MG.6 explains the incremental steps that have led Green’s firm to build a global voice for change on the future of carbon neutral urban architecture.

Michael Green is a Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and holds an Honorary Doctorate from UNBC. His firm’s work has been honoured and awarded nationally and internationally and his TED talk on the future of Tall Wood Buildings has now been seen by over one million people.