Clerics, Carpenters & Architects
Church and Temple Buildings on Vancouver Island and The Gulf Islands of British Columbia

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25 x 21 cm | 10 x 8 in
160 ills | 160 pages
ISBN 9781908967695

Author Steuart Beattie

In an exploration of vancouver Island and the gulf Islands of British Columbia’s spiritual heritage, Clerics, Carpenters & Architects, written and photographed by Steuart Beattie, delves into the architectural, cultural and historical features of church and temple buildings, unearthing stories and photographic footage dating back to the nineteenth century and placing this archival footage alongside contemporary images taken by Beattie himself.

Beattie leads the reader on a guided tour, illuminating how the religious communities and architectural fashions in these areas have changed over time. We see how churches built in former times are later joined by spiritual houses of other faiths, such as synagogues and gurdwaras, as well as seeing the revival of the rich spiritual culture of the First Nations People, after failed attempts of past governments to achieve assimilation, all of which has rede ned the Islands’ cultural anatomy. Many of the more recent structures show distinctive original accomplishment and skill in replicating, often in wood, the long established architectural and artistic traditions of the migrant communities.

Acting as a historical and photographic guide for anyone with an interest in Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands of British Columbia’s local history, its colonial past and its natural environment, Clerics, Carpenters & Architects comprises a detailed introduction, a history of each region and commentaries on selected buildings.