Architecture and Beyond

£19.95 | $29.95
26 x 21 cm | 10 x 8 in
190 ills | 192 pages
ISBN 9781908967404

Authors Christopher Procter, Fernando Rihl

In a world dominated by hyper-specialisation, there are few architects that inhabit multiple areas consistently through their career. Procter-Rihl is a multidisciplinary studio that navigates between architecture, furniture, product design, exhibition, and landscaping.

Procter-Rihl believes that architecture should be culturally and climate-responsive, engaging with its place but also challenging. Unlike a typical contextual approach, the work creates tension between the vernacular and a new aesthetic. These contradictions add a layer of complexity to the reading of the architecture. Spatially, the practice explores complex geometries, which create dynamic experiences. Diagonal juxtaposition or a simple shift, or stretching of, a traditional form can produce an illusion of greater space. In their furniture work the studio is known for light structures and transparent acrylic where cut edges de ne a form based on the drawn line.

Architecture and Beyond: Procter-Rihl comprises four parts or actions: fold, perforate, float and weave. Each chapter illustrates the practice’s design method and way of working, highlighting key elements in construction.

Christopher Procter and Fernando Rihl trained at the Architectural Association, London, Carnegie Mellon University, US, and the Federal University Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Previously, the pair have worked with leading UK architects such as Rick Mather, Allies and Morrison, Jestico + Whiles and Zaha Hadid.