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Handbooks for Buildiing Tomorrow

£29.95 | $44.95
19 x 12 cm | 7.5 x 5 in
123 ills | 192 pages
ISBN 9781908967886

Editors Florian Heilmeyer, Sophie Lovell, George Kafka, Duncan McCorquodale, Fiona Shipwright
Amateur Cities, Clement Blanchet, Ana Jeinic, Plan Común, Léopold Lambert, Linnea Våglund, Urbz

Archifutures is a publication filled with engaging projects, some real and some imaginary, that will shape tomorrow’s architecture and cities—and our societies of the future. Each book introduces a clutch of ideas, projects and essays by some of the most interesting young and emerging practitioners in the fields of architecture, design and urbanism—ideas crossing over into politics, economy, sociology, technology and philosophy.

Archifutures is a publication-as-platform, designed to serve as a practical tool to action and an inspiration and generator for the future. As part of a series of handbooks the project can be reordered thematically and added to over time as Archifutures expands—reflecting the spirit of DIY and self-organisation of so many of those involved with architecture today.

Ideas and issues covered range from notions of “commons” and participation, the role/non-role of the architect, of amateurism, architecture as violence—and resistance, to those of technical and material advances, from smart cities to the biosynthetic and new economic models as radical generators of our cities.
Among the many contributors are Amateur Cities, Clement Blanchet, Ana Jeinic ́, Plan Común, Léopold Lambert, Linnea Våglund, Urbz.

Archifutures is part of the wider Future Architecture platform, a European-wide network and EU-funded initiative set up by the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana.